To enhance the Southeast Missouri Community’s capacity to connect people in need with the appropriate resources, through the collection, organization and dissemination of information.

First Call For Help works to help people in need locate resources to meet those needs through information and referral, case assistance and case management. A telephone assessment is completed with each caller to identify needs and provide referrals. Case assistance can be provided to those callers who need step-by-step assistance in obtaining the services or assistance coordinating multiple referrals. Case management can also be provided to those that are in need of more long term assistance and may require office or home visits.

In addition to coordinating services for clients, First Call For Help also works with service providers to coordinate available resources in order to maximize both designated and flexible community funds. Through coordination, more needs are met when available resources are used appropriately.

Through the process of information collection and dissemination, First Call For Help works on multiple levels to assist people in need, maximize community resources, identify gaps in services and assist in short and long range community planning. Our work is carried out in order to complete the mission of enhancing our community.

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